We are ready for take-off…

With the registration closed, keynotes in place and postersessions about to explode, we are ready for two days loaded with interesting presentations, almost 100 speakers, more than 350 colleagues and stakeholders from the field, awarding prizes and festivities.

We are proud to present our keynotes:


Cardiovascular disease and obesity: new developments in diagnostics and treatment – Prof. Liesbeth van Rossum (ErasmusMC)

Cardio-oncology in the Netherlands: past-present-future – Prof. Peter van der Meer (UMCG)

Cardiovascular disease and cognitive decline: an inner dialogue between heart and mind – dr. Frank Wolters (ErasmusMC, Heart-Brain Connection HBCx)


Synthetic biology in cardiovascular research – Prof. Daniël Pijnappels (LUMC)